Welkins Boreal: 'Phantoms of Yesteryear'

Out now!

Gothic metal from Finland

  • Debut album of Welkins Boreal – founded in 2018 in Helsinki as a reincarnation of the 1990s band Nattvindens Gråt 
  • Sounds like: Sentenced, Ghost, To/Die/For, Charon 
  • Available as a free digital download and on all usual streaming services


Welkins Boreal was founded in 2018 by the singer/songwriter Teemu Kautonen as a follow-up to his former band Nattvindens Gråt, which released three albums 1995-2000 and played a European tour in 1997. Teemu’s other former bands from the 1990s include Darkwoods My Betrothed, Furthest Shore and Wizzard. For the time being, Welkins Boreal operates in ‘Bathory mode’, i.e., the line-up comprises Teemu and session musicians. The band has not performed live yet.

Album information

Inspired by the past, the debut album 'Phantoms of Yesteryear' comprises nine songs that were originally released by Nattvindens Gråt on the albums ‘Chaos Without Theory’ (1996) and ‘Subuniverses’ (2000). Teemu had wanted to remake some of those old songs for many years because he thinks that the compositions did not reach their full potential in the original recordings. Following this dream, he fully revised, re-arranged and re-recorded the songs featured on this album. Brand new material is being planned for 2020.

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