1. Sleep Eternal

From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


Nocturnal mist falls down like the shroud from a ghost of centuries past
I walk alone through the monuments of remembrance
My bones chill as I envision my accuser stepping on my grave
I ponder the question: ‘When will he come after me?’

I don’t trust in redemption and now I’m sure I never will
Touched by indifference, touched by the hand of fate unseen
Gardens of stone become a monument of my mortality
There is no heaven
Hell has always been right here with me

Death is not the end
Perhaps a gate to sleep eternal
I shall begin my journey to the unknown

Calmness enthrals me
I see the beauty of her soothing face
I sense the footfall as she enters and takes me by my hand
Her shroud leads me slowly across the misty river Styx
I am at peace now
In love with the eternal rest to be

My chilling friend
You come for me
Unhallowed end
The rest to be
Calm as you come for me
I come undone right as your hand touches me