1. Thirteen Moons

From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


I dream of a river valley
Where reflections in blue waters echo my face without a veil
Where time leaves no marks and I’m free to pursue
The quest that I fear is bound to fail
Are you there?

I dream of a river valley
A paradise without past where I’m free to speak my mind
One day I feel you in the breeze
The next I tread an endless path
Yet I know our fates are intertwined
I’ll meet you there
I will find the way

Riding a cloud of thunder
My soul carried to the sky
I see your beacon even in the darkest of nights
For long I have wandered
But you know I am just the fool
Seeking you for another thirteen moons

Like Icarus I reach towards your sun
Only to fall down with melted wings
But I’m invincible and rise again
Prepared to face whatever fate will bring
The beacon stays alight