1. Apparition

From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


A day of apathy turns into a restless night
Chasing a ghost from the past I transcend the mortal life
I roam the labyrinth of shadows from dusk ‘til dawn
Dreading the thought of facing another sunrise forlorn

Feeling my way through the shadows of the night
Pondering whether I should feel sad or contrite

I’d welcome oceans rising
Stars falling and worlds dying
Anything to see you once more
One last chance for a goodbye
I’d welcome a lasting eclipse
Cities drowning in flames
Anything to hold you once more
And tell you all the things we never had had time for

You were falling apart and I couldn’t put you back together
Any attempt to reason with you – you seemed to know better
You tempted your demons rolling the dice of your life
I watched you up the stakes and lose night after cursed night

Every restless night I’m out there looking for you
I catch a fleeting glimpse but then you disappear
Every restless night I seek what I once knew
Wandering in search of a phantom of yesteryear