1. Sethian Seal

From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


‘Wander in peace O Great Pharaoh to the land of Osiris in the west
No-one will disturb your peace without punishment
The brotherhood will guard your rest’

After weeks of toil at their campaign
Seven men in search of fortune and fame
Discovered an ancient gate to the underworld
Predictions of a curse left them unconcerned

‘Be warned vile intruders to never break this seal
Let the god on Earth rule this hall in peace
Do not defy the curse of the Netherworld’

The seal broken they entered the murky crypt
Scorning the words of peril in the ancient script
Holy relics and treasure their abundant plunder
An act of sacrilege that tore their lives asunder

For two weeks they enjoyed basking in fame
Until the leader fell into a coma and could not be saved
He had defied the curse of the Netherworld

It wanted them dead
The curse of the Netherworld
The Sethian seal

The terror did not end at the leader’s demise
For it went on until all the plunderers had died
Tormented in the afterlife by the curse of the Netherworld