1. Discordia

From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


A broken soul like mine can never reach the truth
Wonder where I took the wrong turn in the bewilderment of youth
At first I only knew your friendly façade
Your choice of words was shrewd and made me lower my guard

In this city of broken hearts
I will never find my way
Lost in the maze of its streets
Each dead end heightening my dismay

That it wasn’t always my fault dawned on me too late
The privilege was solely yours to belittle and berate
The devious games you played corroded my inside
The web you wove around me sucked out the last of my pride

The feeling of self-loathing was yours to impart
Ill-advised affection caused the dying of my heart

The pinnacle of life
I thought I stood up there with you
Far before the top I had fallen down