From the recording Phantoms of Yesteryear


I stare at the wall
Waiting for the dusk
Every day with growing fear
Frightful of resting my head and closing my eyes
For if I fall asleep, she will appear

The moment I fall asleep, my spirit embarks on a journey
I feel her cold fingers take my arm and guide me
Through the clouds of the nocturnal sky
Over forests and hills we now fly
Until we land on a glade where bleak shadows gather at twilight

The shadows mass in the night for their macabre ballet
At the unholy portals to the underworld
Awaiting the condemned, whom they cannot forgive
To send them where the eternal fires burn

Like every night we stand at the edge of the glade
Watching the shadows instigating a sombre parade
Processions of condemned souls, resigned to meet their fates
Silently advancing to the obsidian gates

So many nights this dream has haunted my sleep
Yet by dawn she always takes me back to reality
But now she unveils herself and condemns me to my fate
The shadows chant my name and drag me to the gates aflame