From the recording Ashes (EP)


Tonight, the streets are burning, illuminating parades against profanity
Zealots work to turn the wheels of time back before modernity

Pyres are lit for those who dare to doubt
The veracity of the prevailing creed
Bite your tongue! For heaven’s sake! Your doubts you ought not spout
Lest you should hear the inquisitors screech: are you a witch?

It’s two minutes to midnight
Doomsday prophets come to draft you to their corps
You say: ‘For all I know you might be right, but I don’t want to fight your holy war’

They say: ‘It’s with us or against us
Our cause is just, we see no middle way
We’ll hail you as a brother or smite you to dust
So, quit bedevilling us! Tell us without delay!’

Are you a witch?
Have the demons of disbelief led you to a fatal mistake?
Are you a witch?
Either you fly their flag or be doomed to burn at the stake

Confess, confess